I see tons of comments about sugar gliders not bonding and worse biting. I have had this mother and daughter from the rescue group for a week now. They are still very hand shy but with work I have them taking the first steps to being hand trained. As you can see in the video I work every day to feed them yogurt chips or worms from my fingers. I will get bit a few times but I don't yell or stop. I put the next treat right in front of them. Pinching the treat with your fingers reduces the size of what you are showing them. I talk to them the whole time and make eye contact with them. They go into a pouch on me for the next 3-4 hours before being returned to their cage. You should be willing to do this for a month before you see any real improvement. By that time they are usually comfortable to eat treats on my desk and then go in my shirt or pocket.